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"stars", for Prompt 01.

'Ello there! I'm Kirryn, and I'm awkward. I mean, here's my introduction. Um...I'm an undergraduate at UQ who self-published a Very Odd Novel in April 2006, and I'm working on its Very Odd Sequel right now, when uni isn't eating my soul. This's my offering for prompt 01, which should be titled "way too much Bukowski than is healthy", I think. ^^;

i don't know how long
i have been watching this same movie
repeat repeat repeat
i don't get bored or sick of it
the magic doesn't dull or fade

and that's good, because i am
clinging to it
for all
it is worth.
i am about to give up magic.

i holed myself up
in my bedroom for hours and hours
realising that i might be
sacrificing freedom
to gain freedom:
to have the ability, nay,
the priviledge,
in the middle of the hallowed year twenty-eleven,
to throw my hat in the air
mug for photos in the Great Court
and give the middle finger to the town i live in
and everyone i know in
real life.

does this make me a martyr?

god knows on some level
i enjoy it.
but i am selling my soul just a little
to a country i can't decide
whether i despise or love

niichan laughs at me
"i grew up there, and i
feel the same. don't let it get you down."

maybe i am a martyr.
we're all martyrs
killing ourselves a little
so we can live for a moment
or two

and when the rainclouds clear
from our muddled skies, we can see
the stars
we will become.

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